BREXIT – Checks and balances

Since my last Brexit column, we have now had the judgment of the Supreme Court on the prorogation of parliament. The judgment is worth a read and deserves more column inches than I can offer here. The Prime Minister promptly let it be known that he profoundly disagreed with it. The leader of the house of commons and erstwhile Brexit ultra Jacob Rees-Mogg called it a constitutional coup (as if that wasn’t the pot calling the kettle black). But former Supreme Court judge Jonathan Sumption summed the whole thing up quite aptly when he said on the BBC that “one has to accept that if you behave outrageously and defy the political culture upon which our constitution depends, a lot of judges are going to be tempted to push the limits. And the trouble is, Boris Johnson has taken a hammer and sickle to our political culture in a way that is profoundly provocative to people who believe that there ought to be solutions consistent with our traditions.”


Von EU-Urheberrechtsreform bis Transaktionsversicherung: Anwälte aus ganz Europa diskutieren aktuelle Themen des Wirtschaftsrechts bei „Advoselect“-Herbsttagung in Bregenz

Kurz vor der spannenden Nationalratswahl in Österreich stand das Nachbarland am letzten September-Wochenende auch für viele Wirtschaftsanwälte im Fokus: In Bregenz trafen sich Anwälte aus ganz Europa zur Herbsttagung des Kanzleinetzwerks „Advoselect“.   


BREXIT – Third time unlucky?

You would really be expecting me to write about Brexit at this extraordinary time, wouldn’t you? Ok, all right then, but I am not sure where to start. Perhaps with the fact that I am going to an ever growing number of farewell parties, the last one of Italian family friends who are returning to Monza? Or with a smiling nod to the BBC, which is upholding the British sense of humour and stiff upper lip at the time of the Yellowhammer Report by running an extensive feature on whether you can survive on foraged food, recommending roasted Burdock root and Elderflower fritters served with icing sugar and lemon (I didn’t know lemons grew in the UK)? Apparently spruce tips and Woodruff are also edible. But foragers face not only culinary but also legal challenges: if it were to come to that, make sure that you ask the permission of the landowner before you start picking things but do not under any circumstances do so in any of the Royal Parks. On the upside, the Wildlife and Countryside Act permits picking on common land for personal use, subject only to any local bylaws.


Aus unserer Telefon-Vortragsreihe “Advoselect Aktuell: Wirtschaftsrecht in Europa”

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Rechtsanwalt Dr. Jan F. Reese, EHLER ERMER & PARTNER, Flensburg
Rechtsanwalt Mike Bogensee, LL.M. (London), EHLER ERMER & PARTNER, Flensburg und Elmshorn


Seminar im Arbeitsrecht

ADVOSELECT veranstaltet in diesem Jahr ein weiteres Seminar im Arbeitsrecht!
Als Referent konnten wir wiederum Malte Creutzfeldt, Richter am Bundesarbeitsgericht a. D., gewinnen.

Themen des Seminars sind

  • Rechtsprechungs-Update zum Kündigungsrecht
  • Weitere aktuelle und wichtige höchstrichterliche Entscheidungen

Die Veranstaltung findet statt am Freitag, 22. November 2019, im Hotel „Loccumer Hof“, Kurt Schuhmacher Str. 14-16, 30159 Hannover (oder anderer Veranstaltungsort in Hannover) in der Zeit von 10:00 – 18:30 Uhr.